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So what do I do if I want to get in touch with you?

Answer 1. Wow. I never knew. I mean, how could I? You've always seemed so . . . so . . . so distant. I know things recently haven't been the best between us, but . . . wow. Thanks for taking the first step here, because God knows I am too much of a fool to do it myself. And if this is Mr. Antonecchia, I'm sorry, I can't really defend myself on this one, but her ID said she was 24.
Answer 2. Well, I guess you missed the three blatantly obvious ways to contact me on the start page. Maybe you just want my numbah.

Quit being smart and hook me up with your contact info, jackass.

OK, OK. My toll-free voicemail box is (866) 251-5152 x4625. That's 1-TON-CK1-5152, and my extension is GOAL. I got it free at Onebox.com. They don't MAKE me put a link on my site, but I'm like Dennis Franz on the Nextel ads, I'll only advertise for the things I use. I'm honest. And of course, you could always E-Mail me, or IM Me.

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