Sunday, September 28, 2003



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Saturday, September 27, 2003


Check this thing out. Looks pretty sweet.

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Thursday, September 25, 2003


If you've never seen the move "Blame it on Rio" and you're a horndog, then it's a must. I used to think it was Demi Moore and Brooke Shields but I just found out it was not Brooke Shields - not that I care. It's some hot broad that looks like she's in high school so she gets my vote. Anyway if it comes on showtime stick to it for a half hour or so - you won't be sorry. Oh and you can go ahead and mute it and crank the tunes. If you actually listen to the acting you might lose the motivation to hang in there for the boobs.

By the way Michael Cane isn't really Brittish, he just learned to talk like that by watching Madonna interviews. And check out the rest of those Celebrity Secrets. They rock.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2003


Come on, guys! $35 so far! 1/3 of the way there!

You know, when we do this for Wold, he'll never live it down. If you are attending the chunk and don't donate, I would say you're a blasphemer. We'll be able to take the piss out of him the whole time. Wouldn't you like to be a part of something greater, something more? Something bigger than you, or me, or any one of us! This is the WOLD! We're bringing him to the Chunk! If you don't want Wold at the chunk, don't donate. If you want him there, donate. Simple as that. I'm going to help out Wold with the other half, the least you guys could do is throw a fiver down for the good old Grizwold!

Do it today. Do it now. You know your generosity will be rewarded tenfold. Show the Wold some love.

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All My New England Peeps

Keep an eye out for some 29,000 faded, bruised and battered rubber duckies in the coming months. I'll pay $2 for every rubber ducky you recover. $5 each if you recover less than 10. I've been waiting for my duckies for 11 years. Mummy said they would arrive on Sunday. I waited and waited, but no duckies. Mummy's a lying sack of shit and she didn't make it past the 2nd year. Now I'm 11 years pissed and I WANT MY THIRTY THOUSAND DUCKIES!!!!

Think of all the poor kids that are now 11 years older and that much more disturbed because they never got their rubber duckies. Also think about all the sharks out there that squeak when they open their mouths.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2003


This is probably a NSFW site but the page is 100% SFW. I know you wanna at least see if that corporate firewall allows it . . . or can it wait until 6:00?

Dammit, Demers! Try it! You know you wanna!

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Here is a little glimpse at the goings on in the major Semiconductor Test Equipment manufacturer that pays me.

me: Very good point shakes. My boss is currently justifying our existence to yet another strange man from boston who has no idea how anybody would manage a facility. Maybe I should leave.

Nicky Milkshakes: Wow. You do alot of explaining to people about why they pay you.

me: (Sean is our pudgy friend) I liken it to Sean getting a glimpse at a crate of chicken going in the back door of a KFC. He would get angry and wonder why all that chicken is moving away from him. You have to stop and explain that the chicken needs to go in the back door so that it can come out the front all nice and fried and crispy for him. By the time you're done explaining, he has lost interest and just wants his fried chicken like he has always been getting. My company is like hundreds of "Seans" that have gotten their fried chicken and loved it for years, and are now suddenly wondering what's up with all the raw chicken handling going on in the back, but are too stupid to pay attention when you explain it to them. I can't blame them for wondering if they can get more fried chicken out of what's going on in the back, but unless your answer is, "here, I have a whole lot of extra fried chicken just laying around for you to eat right now," Sean doesn't want to here it. Dig?

Mahoney: with your MBA you should be able to make some bank...

shakes: I don't get it, but the parts about KFC and pudge were funny.

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Sunday, September 21, 2003


Wold needs to get to the chunk. You can help. Please donate to raise the $107.25 we need to buy Wold's plane ticket.

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The Big Race


As a precursor, let me just state that I do not like Hummer, nor what they stand for (image, excess, etc), but I love this commercial. I think the music is what does it for me.


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When you're going to get a girl's number, and you know it's a sure thing, don't say, "I already know that I'm getting a number because I read your body language." Doesn't work. However, I got the "Nice Shoes. Wanna Fuck?" line to work last night. Interesting to say the least.

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Friday, September 19, 2003


I would just about kill to be playing some HS soccer back in Yarmouth right now.

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Thursday, September 18, 2003


Do you live in the UK?
Has your car gotten the boot?
Do you disagree with paying parking tickets in arrears and the release fee?

Call Angle Grinder ManHe's a superhero with an angle grinder and an attitude and he's here to stick it to those ungrateful law enforcement officials.
Angle-Grinder Man says:
"Godspeed to you and your four-wheeled, petrol-driven chariots."

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Wednesday, September 17, 2003
The 4 Beer Analogy


This link. comes from a Bill Simmons article about the new ESPN show Playmakers, basically saying that it is stuck in the middle between not going far enough and going too far. While I am not going to spend any time commenting on the show, I liked the analogy as I think we have all been there. Here's the excerpt:

"Here's an analogy, which we'll call the "Four-beer analogy": Let's say you're hitting a sports bar with your buddies for Monday Night Football. You could have two or three beers, throw down some chicken wings, play some Golden Tee, wager on the home team, bond with your boys, then head home when the outcome has been decided. Or you could do everything from above, but keep throwing down beers until you're bombed and someone has to drive you home. Either way, it's going to be a good time.

Well, unless you have four beers.

That kills you. You're not sober enough to drive home. You're not quite drunk enough that you feel like you really let loose; if anything, you're more groggy than anything. And you drank just enough that you'll have trouble getting up for work/class the following morning. The next day, you always end up wishing you had more beers or less beers. Just not four.

"Playmakers" left me with that four-beer feeling...."

By the way, if you have never read his articles they are worth the time.


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Every day my company becomes more like Initech, and I more like Peter Gibbons. There is a jackass of a manager that landed a spot in my general vicinity about 6 months ago. I say jackass for several reasons - one because he is completely incompetent. He is one of many managers that was transferred when their division failed miserably. All their subordinates were subsequently fired -because they didn't do a good job.
So the powers that be said "Wow, you really fucked that one up. Here, try something you have no experience with."
Go figure. He is also a jackass because he is very loud, very obnoxious, and only uses the quintessential management jargon. He is either on the phone or in hallway meetings around my office all day long making an ass out of himself. Here is a list of quotes from the horse's ass that my boss and I have taken to posting with times and dates on her whiteboard. I look foward to the day he wanders by her board and realizes that he is a jackass and everybody knows it.
For your visual - he is about 5'8" with an enormous pot belly that is only covered by a different hawaiian shirt every day. He wears white pants and loafers, a gold chain, and tans way too much. He has a high pitched voice and drives a convertible Mustang Cobra. And he says things like.....

"Make it so." 9/3
"Talk to my wife...I want to work Christmas Day but talk to her." 9/3
"I speak Digital and I think this is our frequency." 9/4
"I'm just asking the question because I have no idea what to do." 9/4
"Sorry to ask such a stupid question..." 9/5
"No, no, no, no Nooooooooo. No. Absolutely not." 9/10
(talking to wife on friday) "I'm coming in tomorrow....yeah....I'm not getting a lot done. Other people are getting a lot done, but not me." 9/12
(in a meeting) "Whose meeting is this?" 9/16
"I'm not exactly sure what's going on." 9/16

And I get these on a regular, almost daily basis:

"Are you and I on the same page here?"
"We need to be proactive"
"Let's come full circle on this"
"And did you do a [random acronym here]"
"Who's action item is this?"

He's yapping as I type this...."The number one option is to reduce DB....or we could delay build...yes I know that..." there will be more. Oh yes there will be more

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Tuesday, September 16, 2003



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Monday, September 15, 2003



In taking G's advice, I decided to read regularly. I was bummed out to find this article on Chong. I'm just picturing when the cops busted down his door and found all the bongs.
Chong says: "they're flutes,man. And that's not weed, it's actually labradore." Well atleast they sounded like good excuses in his head.
Too bad this had to happen I was looking forward to a cheech and chong reunion.

Note: Wisdom teeth out + Viccadin in = niiiice.

ok enough of this talk, back to joearb. peace

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Sunday, September 14, 2003
Time Travel


This website is pretty intriguing. You can judge it for yourself but I think our foriegn policy is going to lead to the decline of America and its superpower status. This administration is definitely helping speed that decline. A friend of mine commented that the short term of the presidency doesn't allow for consistent foriegn policy decisions over time. I agree.

I would like our foriegn policy to be a little more cautious. I don't know who is steering this administration (because it can't be anyone too close to GW), but it would be interesting to know what their motives are.

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Friday, September 12, 2003


It's been a bad day for the Johns. Johnny Cash and John Ritter. Two of the world's very great, and very different entertainers.
Johnny Cash made some great tunes - good, cool music to play and nod your head to in a "that's right" fashion.
John Ritter made a fool out of himself on screen, but it was funny. And as much as you'd hate to admit it, I'm sure you grew up on Three's Company. Even if you were like me and just found out last year that the entire premise of that show was that he was pretending to be gay so he could live with those chicks. Did you guys know that? I missed the memo. Every re-run I watch is like a whole new show now. I guess he took a stab at some serious roles too, but I never saw him in one.
Anyway RIP boys - thanks for the good times.

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Tuesday, September 09, 2003
Slutty Stories


Go Here. Planned Parenthood! Hilarious!

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EXTRA! EXTRA!! Air Force Launches TOP SECRET Satellite that nobody knows about but it's 22,300 miles above the equator and you can see it with an average telescope!

Ever get the feeling we just stopped trying after the cold war? I heard we spammed out the coordinates too.

(by the by - yes I read regularly, but at least I link the specific pages instead of nate-doggin' it)
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So strip clubs have now become charitable institutions that will pay your tuition. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I like the 'get the young girls in and dancing' aspect, but to have only B-students and up makes me nervous. Studies show that smart girls are clearly uglier than dumb girls, and dumb girls have bigger boobs. I guess I don't really care how smart the girl is, as long as she's hot. Maybe it will be like college football where the strip club owners can go 'pursuade' the teachers to give out A's to the hot chicks. Now we're talking.

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Monday, September 08, 2003


Whether or not it's funny is questionable, but the weirdest thing going on the D-Train right now is the comment string on the TNT thread.
Come have a look as the states of our Union battle it out for supremacy, and bash Zips at the same time.
Zips, get in there and defend yourself.

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Friday, September 05, 2003


I think these turtles know damn well what they're heading for. We just need to get a drink stand in between the water and the disco so they don't die of dehydration before they make it up in the club.
Studies have shown that turtles can be very much the proverbial party animal. This documentary photo shows one such party turtle enjoying the company of a rather well endowed female. Notice that once he makes it to water, though heavily sunburnt from the journey, the turtle totally enjoys himself to the limit.

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Wednesday, September 03, 2003


Yeesh. Who'd a thunk getting an MBA would be so much work. I apologize for my recent and (inevitably future) absence on the D.
Big party in Dana Point this weekend.

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Thanks for ridin' the